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Hull F.C. Vice Presidents Association

By Securing Support We Strengthen Success


The Hull Vice Presidents Association was formed some 40 years ago when FC played at the famous Boulevard. During the time at the Boulevard the club underwent some financial difficulties and a goup of avid supporters and business men joined together and founded the Hull FC Vice Presidents Association.

We meet every two months where we discuss forthcoming events and enjoy a social evening. We are joined by either our Chairman Adam Pearson, our coach and or 1st team players who partake in some open discussions on rugby league over a meal.


We are supporters who wish to see Hull FC succeed, and would like more Hull FC fans to become members and join us in this endeavour.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact one of the members, addresses and telephone numbers are in our contacts list.

more Welcome Events

Vice Presidents Meeting 9th October 2017 click here for more info.

Hull FC acknowledge the efforts made by the Vice Presidents in raising funds for the Family fun day.

To see full details click on the link below for Facebook and Twitter media announcements by the club:  

Hull FC Vice Presidents Secretary Kay Crimlis met up with Gaz Ellis and Danny Houghton at a fund raising dinner for Feka Paleaaesina's testimonial. The challenge cup made an appearance too.

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The Vice Presidents attended the Hull FC 2017 Player of the Year Awards.

The VPs get the privilege of voting for the young player of the year.

Lee Radford praises the Vice Presidents for providing resources to help with team performance

In 2017 the Vice Presidents reached a major milestone by celebrating their 40th Anniversary.

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Towards the end of the 2017 season members from the Hull FC Vice Presidents Association visited the clubs training ground

February saw Hull FC make an historic trip to Australia to play the first Super League game outside Europe. The match was played against Wigan Warriors...

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